Get more done in less time...
Distraction is everywhere, but doesn't need to be. ZapFocus lets you keep track of everything important, so you can get it all done even faster.


Attach Values to your tasks
Keep track of your performance by quantifying your tasks. This way you know exactly when you have achieved or failed your tasks.

Create groups
Create separate groups for different purposes.

Less discussion more action
Everything is build for efficiency and less distraction.

Results driven
It's easy to measure performance and get the information you need.

Get more done with ZapFocus⦿

What users say:

"It helped us to reduce the number of emails we had to send throughout a project. This saved us plenty of time!" - Tim S. (Head of Sales)

"We had to track our progress over severel weeks and I had no experience with performance measurement. I was still able to keep track of everything." - Lisa W. (Junior Marketing Manager)

"It was hard to have an overview over many teams and see what everyone is doing. I was able to set up everything really fast and see everyones progress." - Peter G. (Head of Operations)

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